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We’re all in a moment. And, we’re asking the big questions. Especially about work.

Should I join The Great Resignation? Should I stay and just keep on, keeping on. Or, reimagine, reinvent, maybe even start my own thing? Can I really expect more than just a paycheck and stability from work? How do I navigate the overwhelm, burnout, and work-life-bleed that’s turned work-from-home into never-stop-working? What about purpose, joy, excitement, time to breathe, and live? What about that nagging tension between money and meaning, the desire to feel secure and the quest to do something that makes you come alive - that sparks you?

These are the questions we’ll be diving into on the SPARKED podcast. Every week, we invite a listener to share what’s going on in their work & life, then pose a specific question. Then, our host, award-winning author, advisor, and founder, Jonathan Fields, and a rotating lineup of wise mentors from the SPARKED Braintrust will share insights, ideas, strategies, resources and tips to help us all better align what we do with who we are, so we can find and do more of what makes us come alive.

Recent Episodes

How to unpack Assumptions about your Sparketypes

Sept. 27, 2022

‘How do you unpack the assumption that your ‘Anti’ Sparketype is the only way to succeed in business?’

HOT TAKE: On Putting Yourself in the Path of Pivot with Jenny Blake

Sept. 20, 2022

Jonathan & Jenny talk about: How you don't have to have your pivot planned out Using experiments to collect data Following the full body yes What is a project based purpose? How do we look at uncertainty differently? Are you…

SPARKED STORY: Reimagining farming after almost losing everything with Azuraye Wycoff

Sept. 13, 2022

Jonathan & Azuraye chat about: The call to come home to the family business Recovering from a natural disaster that almost took everything Using the Sparketypes as a hiring tool Leading with folks’ Sparketypes as a way to re…

How to Innovate in a Workplace that Adapts Slowly

Sept. 6, 2022

"How do you handle a drive to innovate inside a system that adapts to change slowly?"

SPARKED STORY: From the military to mentoring with Charlie Gilkey

Sept. 1, 2022

As we sat down to dive into Charlie’s Sparked Story, I wanted to understand what were his deep impulses for the things that he's done and what have been the through lines.

HOT TAKE: On leading with humanity with Karen Wright

Aug. 30, 2022

A Sparked Hot Take with Karen Wright on leading and humanity at a time when both are hard to access.