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Jason Mendelson interview is profoundly inspirational!!

A friend sent me the link to this episode. I found the interview profoundly moving. My first identity in life was also as a drummer. I then dropped it for a new identity as a lawyer. Jason has inspired me to go back and retrieve my old identity that I said goodbye to 35 years ago. The lesson I took from this episode is - I don’t have to just be one thing. This may seem abundantly obvious to most out there but for a 61 year old like myself it has never been an option I ever considered even possible. I’m a product of being taught the pour yourself into just one thing era. Mr. Fields - Thank you for this episode. You have a new listener.

Such important conversations!

The Sparketype test is great, the Sparked book is a guiding light and this podcast is super helpful as well! I am a personality test nerd and thought I fully equipped with all I need to navigate through life, but I was wrong! I am a super fan of all things Jonathan creates and thank him for his great work!

So insightful

I took the Sparketype assessment and was blown away. It was so spot on and explained so much about a shift that happened in my work life about six years ago. I find this podcast to be super helpful with how different Park types can use those gifts for good. Love the stories. And bought the book!

Expert advice on relatable topics

I took the Sparketype quiz, bought the book, and am obsessed with this work! The format of the Sparked podcast is super digestible and content relatable. I love to hear how each coach addresses the question, with Jonathan adding his perspective, and integrating the caller’s 3 sparketype elements. Thanks for launching this podcast!

Love it!

Another gem! You keeping giving us such great gifts, Jonathan! Thank you!

Loving the show and Sparketype insights

I’ve been benefiting from my own Sparketype awareness and helping my career/business coaching clients with honoring their Sparketype too. And now the podcast to bring it more to life, is such a delight! Thank you for putting together an awesome tool and this awesome podcast. Highly recommended. Already started telling others about it.


This is a confusing moment for any of us rethinking our career ambitions against the backdrop of our life ambitions. Sparked offers tools to help think about this and guides to put those tools into practice. Appreciate that!

Great combination of career insights, expert speakers, and helpful advice

Enjoyed the episode about making a leap with Jonathan and Jenny Blake. I love the way the show starts with a listener question. Great for anyone who wants to reimagine their work and work life. Great!!

A “must” listen. Smart, engaging, and couldn’t be more timely.

I have long been a fan of Jonathan Fields’ work both in the podcast and writing worlds. His ability to help people see the world through a near infinite array of guest’s lenses has been invaluable to how I understand and navigate both my present and my next steps. This new SPARKED podcast is a “must listen”. It not only brings all of Fields’ unique strengths together beautifully, but does so at precisely the right time. With so many of us questioning our next steps, rather then taking the self-help route of telling us what to do, he invites us into the worlds of what has worked for an array of different folks. It lets us learn in our own way a variety of strategies that we can apply to our own journeys, and gives us real tools with which we can craft our next steps to a better life. I’m so excited to hear where SPARKED takes us!

I’m Sparked

This is so relevant and timely. Jonathan’s work really helps find direction at a time when there are so many conflicting paths to take.

Can’t wait!!

Took the test and read the book. Don’t know where I would be in my career without the advice of Jonathan fields and friends. Looking forward to the podcast!

I Am Stoked!

I’ve been following this body of work, the Sparkeytpes, for a while now and I am thrilled to hear that there is an entire show dedicated to answering real questions from actual people. I have so much respect for everything Jonathan puts out into the world and I have no doubt this will be a game changer for all who listen. If you haven’t already taken the free Sparketype Assessment, I highly recommend it. It’s been a true lifeline and has become the lens by which I make my work and life decisions. If it’s not Sparked, it’s not for me.

Sometimes we want someone to give us clear advice

Sometimes we just want someone to help vet our big ideas, or give us courage to take a big leap. This podcast gives us a way to see ourselves in others and to apply sage advice to our own situations. Using the Sparketypes makes it easier to see how to know what we can use for ourselves. Great idea!

Great advice!

Excited about this one!