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Jan. 3, 2023

How Do We Know What Truly Sparks Us vs. What’s Social Conditioning?

Can social conditioning, past experiences, and external pressure affect the way we explore figuring out our Sparketype? Or, for that matter, any metric we might look to, as a way to help figure out what drives us? And how do we turn down the volume on social conditioning and perceived expectations, determine what our “truest truths” really are, and express ourselves in a more aligned way? Today’s listener, Sarah, asks these interesting questions, after re-taking the Sparketypes Assessment a year later and getting a result she felt was much closer to who she really was. 

Jonathan & Jadah offer:

  • How to acknowledge what you’ve already uncovered
  • Avoiding the trap of comparing ourselves to our past selves when our seasons of life change
  • Asking ‘where is the social conditioning coming from?’
  • Two ways to gather information and come to an answers
  • Why we should build in unstructured and unscheduled days/time
  • How to know if your sparketype is right for you?


In today’s episode we’re in conversation with:


Jadah is a multi-time founder and CEO of Jadah Sellner Media, the co-creator of the Simple Green Smoothies social and business phenom, sought-after advisor to entrepreneurs, and bestselling author, including her new book, ‘She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life’, now available for pre-order.

LISTENER: Sarah - Sparketype: Sage (Primary), Scientist (Shadow), Advocate (Anti)

QUESTION: Today’s listener, Sarah, shares her experience of supporting multi-billion dollar retail businesses, as the head of change management and helping people and businesses work through transformations. She has been the right hand to many high level execs and spearheaded big results and impact but like so many of us, done so at her own expense and with a lot of burnout.

After becoming a new mom in the depths of the Global Pandemic, she resigned from her executive position. Now Sarah is at a crossroads with a solid foundation of skills and accomplishments but this time wants to create a chapter of work that is more aligned with her innate impulses. She shares that she has achieved success in the past with hustle and no spark and this time wants to find more flow and bring back the spark.

To do this she wants to have a deeper understanding of her Sparketype, especially since she received a different result having retaken the assessment after all the above shifts. It brings her to her main question - can your past experiences, especially challenging or traumatic ones, distort your view of yourself and therefore affect your Sparketype results? Can social conditioning and external feedback interfere with finding work and expression that is more aligned for us - and if so, how do we reduce its impact or even eliminate it altogether?

YOUR HOST: Jonathan Fields

Jonathan is a dad, husband, award-winning author, multi-time founder, executive producer and host of the Good Life Project podcast, and co-host of SPARKED, too! He’s also the creator of an unusual tool that’s helped more than 650,000 people discover what kind of work makes them come alive - the Sparketype® Assessment, and author of the bestselling book, SPARKED.

So what is your Sparketype? Turns out, we all have a unique imprint for work that makes us come alive, this is your Sparketype. When you discover yours, everything, your entire work-life- and even parts of your personal life and relationships - begins to make sense. Until you know yours, you’re kind of fumbling in the dark. 

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