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Sept. 20, 2022

HOT TAKE: On Putting Yourself in the Path of Pivot with Jenny Blake

Jonathan & Jenny talk about:

  1. How you don't have to have your pivot planned out
  2. Using experiments to collect data
  3. Following the full body yes
  4. What is a project based purpose?
  5. How do we look at uncertainty differently?
  6. Are you a builder, maintainer or an optimizer?


We’re super-excited to be introducing some fresh new formats to the mix here on the SPARKED podcast. Our new Hot Takes segments, which we just launched a few weeks back, tackle hot topics in conversation with expert guides from the SPARKED Braintrust. And, today, we’re sharing the second Sparked Hot Take, this time with Jenny Blake. 

We talk about something that Jenny and I often muse on off-mic; uncertainty, reinventing work & life and putting yourself in the path of pivot, as Jenny says. We’re taking a fresh approach to ‘pivots’, especially in this time of across the board uncertainty. We discuss ways of courageously embracing change and using experiments to collect data about what you might be called to do next. How do you follow the full body yes? And what is ‘project based purpose’? We question why some of us prefer building things over maintaining them and how to embrace your preferences.

And, deepening into this conversation on pivoting and uncertainty is Sparked Braintrust advisor, Jenny Blake. Jenny is a podcaster, career and business strategist, and an award-winning author of three books: Life After College, the groundbreaking Pivot for navigating what’s next, and her recently published Free Time for optimizing what’s now. 

Enjoy this Sparked Hot Take on change and experimentation in a time when most of us have been navigating both.

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