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Jan. 24, 2023

How Do You Scale a High-Touch Service Without Losing What Makes It Exceptional?

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You’ve spent years becoming really good at what you do. Expert level. And, you’ve reached the end of your ability to serve clients on an individual basis. It’s time to scale. But, how do you scale a business and find ways to duplicate yourself when offering highly-skilled, one to one services? Especially, without degrading the quality of the service you envision? Is that even possible? If so, what would it take? And, how do Sparketypes play into these questions?

In today’s episode we’re in conversation with:


Charlie is a strategic advisor and executive coach, founder of the Productive Flourishing consultancy, and author of the multi-award-winning book, Start Finishing.

LISTENER:  Ryan - Sparketype: Maker/Scientist | Essentialist

QUESTION: Today’s listener Ryan, spent 15 years as a CEO of three companies, one of which he scaled into a market leader with 11-million users across 45 states. He has raised funding, built huge teams and acquired nearly a dozen companies across this time. He has taken this knowledge and founded a company providing executive coaching for entrepreneurs and is consistently booked out with happy clients. Now, he wants to scale, but is conscious of his one on one capacity and is now asking, how can you ensure that you can successfully scale without losing the special sauce that currently helps his clients?

YOUR HOST: Jonathan Fields

Jonathan is a dad, husband, award-winning author, multi-time founder, executive producer and host of the Good Life Project podcast, and co-host of SPARKED, too! He’s also the creator of an unusual tool that’s helped more than 650,000 people discover what kind of work makes them come alive - the Sparketype® Assessment, and author of the bestselling book, SPARKED.

So what is your Sparketype? Turns out, we all have a unique imprint for work that makes us come alive, this is your Sparketype. When you discover yours, everything, your entire work-life- and even parts of your personal life and relationships - begins to make sense. Until you know yours, you’re kind of fumbling in the dark. 

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