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Oct. 18, 2022

How to navigate Career 'Gaps' with Courage & Purpose

'How do you navigate Career Gaps with Courage and is it ok to keep starting over?'

Jonathan & Charlie discuss:

1. Stop conflating stability and freedom

2. How career gaps can be perceived

3. How to find freedom when some industries are slow moving

4. How many times can you start over?

In today’s episode we’re in conversation with:


Charlie is a strategic advisor and executive coach, founder of the Productive Flourishing consultancy, and author of the multi-award-winning book, Start Finishing.

LISTENER:  Alyse - Sparketype: (Primary) Scientist, (Secondary) Sage, (Anti) Maker

QUESTION: Today’s listener Alyse shares a story and question that will resonate with so many. Returning to corporate work after maternity leave, she no longer feels energized by her previous role. And, by the way, this experience is so universal for so many who are finding themselves returning to work in different ways, after being changed by these last few years. Having discovered her Scientist Sparketype, she now understands her yearning to push into the next unknown, explore new burning questions and solve different problems. And she’s starting to realize why she dreads feeling bored at work and is, in her words, perpetually impatient for what might come next. 

Alyse wants to move on from repetitive work and find something more self-directed and mission oriented, like criminal justice reform. But is worried about her resume, which is becoming a list of short stints at very different places. She’s feeling the “should” of settling down for several years and building tenure in a secure and well paid job, while also feeling that if you’re going to spend days away from your young family, ideally you’d want to spend that time doing something valuable and interesting. 

Which sets up the query, how do you balance your need for novelty and full-expression with a value around security? And how many times can you start over, or is that just the nature of modern careers these days.

YOUR HOST: Jonathan Fields

Jonathan is a dad, husband, award-winning author, multi-time founder, executive producer and host of the Good Life Project podcast, and co-host of SPARKED, too! He’s also the creator of an unusual tool that’s helped more than 650,000 people discover what kind of work makes them come alive - the Sparketype® Assessment, and author of the bestselling book, SPARKED.

So what is your Sparketype? Turns out, we all have a unique imprint for work that makes us come alive, this is your Sparketype. When you discover yours, everything, your entire work-life- and even parts of your personal life and relationships - begins to make sense. Until you know yours, you’re kind of fumbling in the dark. 

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