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Dec. 20, 2022

How to Reimagine Work in a Way that Re-energizes You

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Today’s listener Paulina asks, as an Essentialist who thrives and is energized by chaos, problem solving and ‘putting out fires’, when you run your own consultancy and need to wear all the hats, but things settle into a fairly dialed-in mode where that Essentialist impulse isn’t so organically activate any more, how do you keep feeling Sparked? And it is more about finding satisfaction and joy in everyday, non chaotic work or finding ways to get back into Essentialist mode again.

Jonathan & Deb offer:

  • How to reframe chaos
  • Could expansion be the next exciting challenge?
  • How Creative destruction can keep you in your purpose
  • Can you break your business and reimagine without giving it away?
  • All customers want to know is did you get the results and can you duplicate it?

In today’s episode Jonathan is in conversation with:


After a long career in leadership in some of the biggest companies in the world, Deborah founded her own consulting firm, Corporate Alley Cat, where she advises and coaches People of Color in all aspects of career visioning and development. She has this incredible ability to see what’s happening under the surface in any given situation, and ask questions that get to the heart of the matter and reveal possibilities that feel both empowering and expansive.

LISTENER: Paulina’s Sparketype - Primary: Essentialist, Shadow: Maven, Anti: Performer

QUESTION: Today’s listener Paulina, describes herself as the kind of person who runs towards fires and loves creating systems and strategies to make things simpler and easier for her clients and has been getting incredible results. But she shares that as time has gone on and things have gotten more predictable, she’s lost that spark that I used to have. 

So whilst building the business and not quite at the point of delegating or hiring, she asks if it’s possible to find fulfillment in the necessary day to day maintenance of running a business or is there a way to reimagine the experience and feel sparked by her work again?

ABOUT YOUR HOST: Jonathan Fields

Jonathan is a dad, husband, award-winning author, multi-time founder, executive producer and host of the Good Life Project podcast, and co-host of SPARKED, too! He’s also the creator of an unusual tool that’s helped more than 650,000 people discover what kind of work makes them come alive - the Sparketype® Assessment, and author of the bestselling book, SPARKED.

So what is your Sparketype? Turns out, we all have a unique imprint for work that makes us come alive, this is your Sparketype. When you discover yours, everything, your entire work-life- and even parts of your personal life and relationships - begins to make sense. Until you know yours, you’re kind of fumbling in the dark. 

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