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Jan. 30, 2023

How to Succeed at Anything Worth Doing | 2023 Kickstart

What if this was the year you actually did the thing that you have dreamed of doing, the thing that’s been in the back of your mind for months or years, maybe even decades? The thing that when you think about it, your whole body responds – exhilarated in part, energized. You can feel it in your heart. And if you’re being honest, maybe along with that tingling of excitement, there’s even a touch of fear and doubt.

Well, what if this was the year and now was the time to begin? How would that feel to you? If it’s even remotely inspiring or appealing and motivating, this very special episode is for you. If you’re ready, but if you’re not even sure where to begin, this episode is for you.

This is a special episode for SPARKED and is part of our ‘January Kickstart Your Life Series’, and the focus is on a very powerful framework that I have been developing and testing, using and refining for years that I call Success Scaffolding.

I am going to walk you through the 8 critical elements that are immensely powerful, unlock keys and guideposts that’ll let you – maybe for the first time ever feel so much more confident and have a real actionable roadmap to finally do that thing that you have yearned to do. 

This framework will help you get there and keep you inspired and supported along the way. And I’m also gonna do something I have never done before. As I share each element, I will also share how I tapped this very framework to conceive, launch, and grow this powerful new body of work, set of tools, products, experiences, trainings, books, and the entire company, that is Spark Endeavors, around these things I call the Sparketypes, which as you probably know, is a set of archetypes that I developed to help people discover and then center work that makes them come alive. The power of Success Scaffolding is that it kept me going through incredible challenges and self-doubt.

My greatest hope is that it serves as a template for you to do and be and make real whatever it is that inspires you. Not someday, but starting today.

You can find the 1-page worksheet HERE.

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