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Nov. 22, 2022

How to take a Life-Changing Sabbatical with DJ Didonna

'How do you take a Life-Changing Sabbatical?'

What if you could take anywhere from a month to a year off work to clear your mind, pursue a creative vision, travel or just create the space to reclaim your energy, focus and inspiration? Safe bet, most people would jump on that opportunity. But then comes the reality check. Sure, it’d be amazing, but I could never make it happen.

But, what if you could? What if taking a sabbatical is actually more doable than you ever imagined? What if there were ideas, tools, and strategies that would help you step away and reset your mind, body, and life? My guest today on SPARKED, DJ DiDonna, says, it's not only more doable than most people imagine, it may actually hold the key to your ability to reset and regimagine the way you work for years to come.  

DJ is the founder of The Sabbatical Project, a research and advocacy nonprofit that is on a mission to define, explore, and research sabbaticals and their impact on non-academics. His work on sabbaticals has appeared in TIME magazine, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Quartz, Fortune and at TEDx in Silicon Valley. And today, we dive into some of the ideas and stories that appear in his upcoming book based on hundreds of interviews with sabbatical-takers from across the world. 

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