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Sept. 13, 2022

SPARKED STORY: Reimagining farming after almost losing everything with Azuraye Wycoff

Jonathan & Azuraye chat about:

  1. The call to come home to the family business
  2. Recovering from a natural disaster that almost took everything
  3. Using the Sparketypes as a hiring tool
  4. Leading with folks’ Sparketypes as a way to remove organizational friction
  5. And why we need trust & safety in workplaces


We’re super-excited to be introducing some fresh new formats to the mix here on the SPARKED podcast and today, we’re sharing the second installment in a fun new episode format we’re calling SPARKED Stories, where we spotlight the experience of one person and explore how they’ve built a living and life that honors, celebrates, and centers the parts of themselves that truly make them and their work come alive. That sparks what they do, and who they are.

And today, I want to introduce you to Azuraye Wycoff. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado, on a family farm - now Yellow Barn Farm - that’d been used for everything from horses to food, but then headed East to go to college and thought she was never coming back. She founded a moving company in Boston, but something inside her called her back to Boulder in the fall of 2020. And shortly after she arrived, she was greeted with a profoundly transformational experience in the form of a wildfire that almost destroyed the family farm. At the last minute, shifting winds spared it, leaving her with a mission. To reimagine the land as a regenerative, sustainable, biodynamic ecosystem, not just a farm, but a community where they're bringing together different farmers and local stakeholders to create something truly extraordinary together. And, the Sparketypes, as we’ll discover, played a very cool role in all of this. 


Learn more about Azuraye & the Yellow Barn Farm:

Website: www.yellowbarn.farm

Insta: @yellowbarn.farm


And more on Sparketypes at: Discover You Sparketype | The Book | The Workshop | The Website

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